Case Study Custom Type Lettering

Custom Type Lettering

Tailor-made and creative uniqueness with highest standards

Whether as a logo, for your product or as a headline, only a stylish design will appeal to your target group.


Monogram JL
Logo Learn Up
Lettering Komposition

Your brand deserves high-quality lettering 

Why is it so difficult to develop a suitable lettering that you can be proud of? 

there are so many fonts and logos, everything seems arbitrary

„gutes Handwerk hat goldenen Boden“. Ihr Logo Schriftzug sollte Trends hinter sich lassen

Upgrade in your brand!

Trust a professional lettering artist to ensure your visual brand image is in the best hands


Through individual design and artistic skill, a logo is created that stands out from standardized designs and emphasizes your brand.

Creative excellence

The artistic approach and the understanding of typography and design principles lead to a visually appealing and aesthetically sophisticated logo lettering.


Your logo needs to work effectively in different contexts and on different platforms. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and effective in brand communication.


Custom type lettering

Letters and typography are harmoniously combined to form your visual identity.


→ Custom type lettering

→ High resolution files for print and web


1. detailed briefing talk about Zoom

2. different drafts

3. corrections

4. Vectorisation

5. Corrections

7. Delivery of high resolution files

Delivery time: 2-4 weeks


1850 €

plus 19% VAT

Custom type lettering +

Corporate Design Package


Business Card


→ Paper advice

→ Print data creation

→ Print management



→ Paper advice

→ or a Word file to send digitally

→ Print data creation

→ Print management

1 x Layout for one Social Media Visual of your choice (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, IG,..)


→ Header pic and profile pic

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

2250 €

plus 19% VAT