Letter Story Jim Carrey

Letter Story

Your life's work as unique artwork

Honor your milestones with an artistic masterpiece


Monogram BJ

Wonderful art that finally communicates its personal values.

Often the art on your walls has less to do with you personally

Beautiful pictures lose their appeal over time because they no longer feel a connection

Personal content paired with high-quality design are the ingredients for art that you can always be proud of.

Tell your story!

Examples of Letter Stories

A personal and distinctive work of art communicates values such as


You are genuine and honest in your beliefs, passions and aspirations. Showing moments or achievements that are significant to your life's journey makes you stay true to your values.


To overcome challenges, setbacks and adversity, strength, perseverance and determination are important. Highlighting moments of resilience and triumph over obstacles can impressively showcase their ability to overcome difficulties and grow from them.


The importance of relationships, connections and interpersonal bonds that play a central role in your life. Introduce places, people, memories or experiences that have deeply influenced and enriched your life and the lives of others.



I've already told you a few things about myself, but what you may not know is that I've always been very interested in other people's milestones and experiences. I like to listen to you to find out exactly the essence of who you are as a person.

As an experienced graphic designer and lettering artist, I have all the tools at my disposal to communicate your story in a special way that you and others will always enjoy looking at.

The ingredients of the Letter Story

Hand lettering and graphic design skills flow harmoniously together in a project like this. Everything starts with a pencil sketch on paper, is then digitized with vectors and finally brought together with colors and textures to create a complete work of art.

In the course of the project, there are corrections and feedback rounds so that the project can find its own way with your content and ideas.

Lettering details


Fine lettering skills

Sketching process


Base of all ideas

Mongram design


Cypher text

Vector process


Precision in the detail

Background depth


Deeper dimension


Letter Story

Unique fusion of content that leads to a special visual experience with letters.


♠ The whole artwork

Lettering composition

Custom type lettering


Background graphic

♠ High resolution files for print and web

♠ Singular high resolution file for composition, custom type lettering and monogram

♠ unrestricted rights of use


1. detailed briefing talk about Zoom

2. Design phase of all elements

3. corrections

4. Vectorization of all individual elements

5. layout of the entire work

6. Corrections

7. Delivery of all high resolution files

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks


on request

plus 19% VAT