The Flourish Workshop

The Flourish Workshop

This workshop is designed for everyone who admires the beauty of flourished work.

It is for both calligraphers and handlettering artists who would like to take a first step into the world of flourishing, or who are ready and keen to improve their approach and gain confidence in technique.

This workshop will provide guidance and tips for everyone who is passionate about learning to flourish, whatever your level and experience.


Joining „The Flourish Workshop“ you will get:

Flourishes Clarity

More clarity
creating flourishes

Wichtige Regeln und Prinzipien bei Schnörkeln

Confidence about
important rules

Next Level Flourishes

Valuable Exercises to
improve your flourishes


A guide to flourishing

In this workshop you will learn:

• definitions, details about pens, pen-holding and paper
• many practical exercises for classic rounded forms
• typical exit points for flourishes
• rules and principles for creating flourishes
• step-by-step approach with various examples
• flourishes with brushpens and pencil
• details you need to look for analysing examples
• how to find different sorts of inspirations
• the digitizing process in Adobe Illustrator

+ and you will get the „Guide to Flourishing!“
Including access to a recorded version!

Flourishing Guide

Are you passionate about flourishes too?

In calligraphy, lettering or brushlettering, flourishes can be amazing and emphasize even more the letters they surround. But sometimes you get frustrated creating them. Properly arranged flourishes are able to enhance the message of the letters. 

You need to practice, but…

If you want to learn more about flourishes, practicing is of course an important part of it. In this workshop you will learn, how to practice the right way to really improve your flourishes. 

There is also a system behind the structure of well placed curved strokes. Certain rules and principles you can learn to have more clarity about good and bad solutions in flourished artworks. During the workshop we examine artworks and talk about all challenges and problems you might face in the process.

Including the „Guide to Flourishing“

In this workshop you will also get a guide to flourishing (new Version 33 pages 19th of April 2022) It contains all information you need to learn how to create flourishes around your lettering. You will have all important rules about creating these beautiful curves. In this guide you will have the definition, function, challenges, Do’s and Dont’s, typical forms and inspirations for flourishes.  You will learn how to improve your flourishes with practice sheets. In addition you will have 14 Checkboxes with the essential rules to keep in mind creating flourishes. 

From your homeoffice

The Flourish Workshop you can attend via Zoom. You will get the material by mail before the workshop, so you don’t need to prepare anything in particular. As tools i recommend just a pencil, a ruler and a rubber. If you prefer to work rather with a brushpen (small) or a nib, that’s ok too. 

Face-to-face workshop

The Flourish Workshop in Munich


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Cost: 99 Euro (incl. 19% Tax (Mwst)) Including material, exercise sheets, drinks and snacks

This workshop you can book individually or for groups, contact me via mail.

via Zoom

The Flourish Workshop per Zoom

Date options

No date available at this moment. Staying informed for new workshops, subscribe to the newsletter below
Cost: 65 Euro (incl. 19% (Tax) Mwst)
(Guide to flourishing and exercise sheets will be sent via email in advance)

This workshop you can book individually or for groups, contact me via mail.

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Participants of past LIVE Sessions via Zoom

„I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to flourish with Robert, the skills I learnt during our workshop has increased my confidence in my ability to now flourish my calligraphy to a standard I am happy with.“ Lindsey Gribble – Calligrapher

„I can only recommend the Flourish Workshop to all flourish lovers! Robert has a lot of tips and tricks and the course was very eye-opening. For all those who love to flourish, take a course with Robert!“ Gloria Wolf – Lettering Artist
„Why do his flourishes always look perfect? This question persisted and I booked the advanced course with Robert. His deep knowledge already impressed me during my brushlettering beginners course in 2018 and it was almost clear that the script and the workshop were full of well-prepared knowledge. I can only advise every beginner to start with a workshop before starting their creative work – you simply save yourself a huge amount of frustration and the exercises are goal-oriented and good results are quickly visible“. Kerstin Rackerseder – Calligrapher