Bundle – Flourish Guide & Acanthus – Digital


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Guide to Flourishing & Acanthus leaves is a combination to learn about flourishes and how to draw acanthus leaves. 


The Guide to Flourishing (new Version 36 pages 11/2022) has all information you need to learn how to create flourishes around your lettering. You will have all important rules about creating these beautiful curves. Beyond that you will find the definition, function, challenges, Do’s and Don’ts, typical forms and inspirations for flourishes.  You will learn how to improve your flourishes with practice sheets. In addition you can check 14 Boxes with the essential rules to keep in mind creating flourishes. 

• Function and definition of flourishes
• Important design principles regarding flourishes
• Techniques to do flourishes
• Classic flourish positions and flourish forms
• main aspects to consider creating flourishes
• Overlapping flourishes
• Do’s and Don‘ts
• Checkbox with 14 essential rules
• How to be inspired and Examples of inspiring flourished artwork
• Eight pages with exercises to improve your flourishes
• Digitising process for artworks with flourishes
• Introduction of the Flourish Club 

‘How to create Acanthus leaves’ is the new workbook! (current version 36 pages – 11/2022) You will learn how to design Acanthus leaves. It starts with small elements and goes up to large compositions. 5 tutorials will help you to create the structure of these wonderful decorative plants by yourself. Also rules and design principles will help you get clarity on how to draw these leaves.

In this workbook on acanthus leaves you will find:

• History
• Anatomy
• 5 tutorials and practice exercises
• Characteristics
• Many leaf variations
• Shadow techniques
• Perspectives
• Design principles
• Complex structures